Walk-in Services

The Pantry's Walk-in services are open every weekday. 

Come to the Pantry with your student ID and receive perishable foods, hygiene and sex products, as well as other goodies. No appointment necessary.


Ticket System Information

Our ticket system is active on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Come to the Pantry to pick up a ticket with an assigned time, and return to the Pantry at this time.

Tickets are not needed to enter the Pantry after 12 PM.

*Times are subject to change to depending on how busy the Pantry is*


View our Walk-in Menu!

The "Last Updated" section will have a date and time of the last time the menu was updated.

Items on a shelf


Note: Our items are inspected by our volunteers before distribution. Some items may be past the written date, however they are still safe to distribute and consume along USDA Food Safety Guidelines. Click here to learn more.