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The ASUCD Pantry is a student-run, student-led organization that provides food and other basic essentials to UC Davis students, staff and faculty who would like support in acquiring food and other necessities. The core principle of the ASUCD Pantry is to combat food insecurity of all forms, as well as to ensure no UC Davis undergraduate, graduate student, or employee is worrying about where their next meal is coming from. The ASUCD Pantry seeks to alleviate the stresses impacting our local community. 


Balancing the expenses of daily life alongside the pursuit of a university degree is growing more challenging for students. As a result, many find themselves in the dilemma of having to decide between covering essential needs like food and hygiene products or meeting the financial demands of their college education.

For this very purpose, The Pantry was established, with the aim of alleviating these financial challenges and ensuring that students can progress toward the successful completion of their degrees at the University of California, Davis.

  • To provide nutritious food for UC Davis students who might be experiencing food insecurity. 
  • To provide UC Davis students with basic necessities such as toiletries, soap, toothbrushes, etc. in order to live a dignified life while working towards earning a  degree. 


Volunteers must commit to working a minimum of 9 total shifts in the ASUCD Pantry throughout the academic school year. During these shifts, volunteers will gain valuable skills to assist them in their career development.

Volunteer responsibilities include
  • Understand the role of the Pantry and how Patrons can access the Pantry.
  • Manage incoming deliveries and donations.
  • Stock fridges & shelves and keep them organized.
  • Bag orders for Patrons.
  • Check in Patrons at the front desk.
  • Clean shopping and stocking space
  • Maintain a positive environment.

Volunteering at the ASUCD Pantry demands proficiency in a variety of tasks, each offering skills applicable to a range of career fields:

  1. Customer Service: Enhancing patron satisfaction and gratification through direct service and interaction.
  2. Communication: Volunteers often need to communicate with diverse groups of people, including fellow volunteers, supervisors, and patrons. This helps develop strong interpersonal and communication skills, which are essential in most workplaces.
  3. Continuous communication with fellow volunteers, supervisors, and patrons from various backgrounds.
  4. Teamwork: Collaborating with other volunteers to ensure the smooth operation of the pantry fosters teamwork and cooperation, qualities highly sought after in professional settings.
  5. Time Management: Managing tasks efficiently within the constraints of pantry operations cultivates time management skills, which are invaluable in meeting deadlines and priorities in the workforce.
  6. Problem Solving: Addressing challenges that may arise in pantry operations, such as inventory management or accommodating patrons' needs, hones problem-solving abilities that are applicable in various work environments.
  7. Organizational Skills: Keeping the pantry well-organized, including sorting and stocking items, helps develop strong organizational skills, essential for staying on top of tasks in most jobs.
  8. Empathy and Compassion: Dealing with patrons who may be in need or experiencing difficult circumstances fosters empathy and compassion, qualities that contribute to a supportive and harmonious work environment.
  9. Adaptability: Food pantries often face fluctuations in demand and resources, teaching volunteers to adapt to changing conditions, a skill particularly relevant in today's dynamic work environments.