Maria Wong, Unit Director

Maria is a fourth-year Pharmaceutical Chemistry major. When she’s not at the Pantry, you might find her wandering about campus singing to herself. She likes making bread, and eating stews, soups and casseroles. She’s had three different majors and many more intended career paths. Regardless of where life may take her, she believes in the power of education, in the sense that it allows us to understand our world better, and gives us the tools to help others achieve the same. You may contact her

Rosy Martinez, External Director

My name is Rosa Maria (Rosy) Martinez, and I am a third-year Human Development Major Minoring in Education and Political Science. I am a Taurus, which explains why I try my best to fight against the improbable; like Student Food Insecurity, Student Homelessness, Administration Accountability, etc. To me the Pantry is the second home; it’s where I can hustle for and with students/activists trying to enact a change on campus. My goals are to become a Dean of Student Affairs for a UC and implement inclusive/revolutionary programs such as the Pantry. 

Clarabella Li, Internal Director

Clarabella is a fourth year Chemistry major with an emphasis in Forensics. She likes movies, daydreaming, and doodling. She cares deeply about The Pantry and wants other people to understand, respect, and help The Pantry with its mission of helping students in need. In the future she hopes to delve into a field where science and aiding others go hand in hand. You can contact Clarabella at

Alexis Marcelo, Intern

Hi, my name is Alexis Marcelo and I am a 4th year who is majoring in Electrical Engineering. I used the Pantry many times during my sophomore and junior year. They helped me out a lot when I had to go through financial burdens. Now since it is my last year being in college, I wanted to give back to the community for helping me through rough times but also to make sure that no student should go through missing a meal or without necessities while trying to pursue an education. I am so thankful The Pantry exists and I hope every student will take advantage of this awesome resource.

Annie Adachi, Intern

Annie is a 2nd year majoring in NPB, with a Spanish minor. Her hours spent with students at The Pantry are some of the brightest of her week. In the future, she hopes to help in the fight to bridge health disparities, and adopt as many dogs as possible.

Caroline Hsieh, Intern

Caroline Hsieh is a third year Cell Biology major and an intern to the Unit Director. She grew up in a city called Diamond Bar which is located in the LA county of sunny SoCal. Her hobbies include: traveling, reading, cuddling her dogs, and chatting with strangers. She's currently working towards becoming a Physician Assistant. She is very thankful for the experiences that The Pantry has provided her with; meeting so many wonderful students, working with an awesome team, and most importantly, learning more about the constant struggle to eliminate hunger. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to be involved with such a positive organization.  She loves meeting and talking to all Pantry visitors so come say hi! You can contact Caroline at

Evelyn Steef, Intern

Evelyn is a 4th year majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and hopes to pursue a career in medicine. She started working as a volunteer at The Pantry in 2015, and is excited to be an intern this year. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, hiking, and watching Netflix. You can contact Evelyn at

Tina Sato, Design Intern

Hello~ my name is Tina Sato and I am the Design Intern this year! I like cats, Jpop, and anything pink~~I am born and raised in Southern California so I enjoy the beach a lot~ I hope the Pantry will be a great place for everyone  :) 

Assistant Director- Jessica Bee

Jessica is a fourth year Biological Sciences Major with an emphasis in NPB. Her career goal is to become a pharmacist. In her free time, she teaches CPR classes, travels with her family, and eats with her friends. The Pantry is Jessica's home away from home! 

Bianca Angela Miguel, Intern

Bianca is a 4th year Psychobiology major and an aspiring dentist. She's a big foodie, an avid traveler, and a lover of baking, elephants, and coffee. The Pantry is her second home in Davis. You can contact Bianca at

Ruth, Intern

Ruth Liou is one of the interns to the Unit Director. She is a third year pursuing a major in Human Development and a minor in Education. She is working towards becoming an elementary school teacher. The Pantry holds a special place in her heart because of all the wonderful and inspiring people she meets and works with in this battle against food insecurity. In her spare time, Ruth enjoys brush lettering, hiking, and baking. You can contact Ruth at

Justin Hu, Intern

Justin is a fourth year Biological Sciences major with the hopes of becoming a nurse in the future. He loves basketball, volleyball, and going fishing with his little brother. In Justin's free time, he watches Netflix and hangs out with friends. He loves meeting new people so come visit him at The Pantry!