Who We Are

The mission of The Pantry is to aid UC Davis students in their pursuit of higher education by ensuring that no student ever has to miss a meal or go without basic necessities due to Financial reasons.


To provide nutritious food for UC Davis students who are struggling to pay for meals. To provide UC Davis students with basic necessities such as toiletries, soap, toothbrushes, etc. in order to live a dignified life while working to obtain a UC Davis degree.
It is becoming increasingly difficult for students to juggle the costs of living while working to obtain a university degree, and thus many students are finding themselves choosing between basic essentials such as food and hygiene products and the required costs of college. It is for this reason that The Pantry has been established to help offset these financial burdens and ensure that students may continue on to successfully complete and obtain their degrees from the University of California, Davis.

Our Student Staff

Pantry Staff Team Fall 2021
Director, Jason Kwan
Assistant Director, Abigail Nonnarath
Volunteer Manager, Jamie Chang
Volunteer Manager, Victor Sandoval
Program Manager, Dinh Poon
Program Manager, Matthew Liu
Inventory Manager, McKinley Ng
Inventory Manager, Ian Lawrence
External Affairs, VACANT
Outreach, Murielle Danant-Fung
Technical Projects, Bryce Jacobs
Data Science, Collin Chee
Advocacy Manager, Zoee Tanner
Advocacy Manager, Pamela Gomez-Fernandez
All student staff can be reached by contacting thepantry@asucd.ucdavis.edu
Pantry Staff Team 2020-2021
Director, Ryan Choi
Assistant Director, Eve Sanchez
Chief of Staff, Lisl Chew
Chief of Staff, Meghan Kim
Program Manager, Jordan Harris
Program Manager, Shanna Badhesha
Program Manager, Matthew Liu
Program Evaluator, Sofia De Angelis
Program Evaluator, Chau Huynh
Outreach, Cici Cui
External Affairs, Nancy Liu
Technical Projects, Bryce Jacobs
Data Science, Nathan Chan
(Former) Chief of Staff, Gabriel Bruce

Coordinators - Fall 2020
2020 Summer Staff Team
Director, Ryan Choi
Interim Assistant Director, Ryan McClintick
Director Support, Bonny Huynh
Operations, Jordan Harris
Operations, Rebeccah Martin
Technical Projects, Bryce Jacobs
Outreach, Catherine Zhao

Coordinators - Summer 2020
Michelle Lee, Shanna Badhesha
Pantry Staff Team 2019-2020
Director | Ryan Choi
Assistant Director | Ryan McClintick
Administrative Coordinator| Sean Kumar
Administrative Coordinator| Adrien York

Senior Manager, Personnel | Madison Reyes
Senior Manager, Food Systems | Jeff Cheng
Senior Manager, Operations  | Mackenzie Kawahara
Senior Manager, Communications and Outreach |
 Mary Thai

Junior Manager, Food Quality | Sandra Vidales
Junior Manager, Inventory Management | Rebeccah Martin
Junior Manager, Education | Claudia Pham
(Former) Assistant Director, Hyeonji Choi

Coordinators - Spring 2020

Coordinators - Fall 2019
Amanpreet Kler, Claudia Pham, Connor Jow, Cynthia Chhour, Emily Gui, Lisl Chew, Isabel Tan, Jasmine Sidhu
Jonathan Fernandez, Maria Roybal, Melissa Chee, Nancy Liu, Rebeccah Martin, Sandra Vidales, Tonya Xie
2019 Summer Staff Team
Director, Ryan Choi
Interim Director, Data, Hyeonji Choi
Volunteering, Nadejda Butova
Food Systems, Jeff Cheng
Education, Madison Reyes
Education, Mary Thai
(Former) Education, Celin Corpuz

Ryan Choi
Chau Huynh
Program Evaluator
Eve Sanchez
Assistant Director
Sofia De Angelis
Program Evaluator
Shanna Badhesha
Program Manager
Lisl Chew
Chief of Staff
Nancy Liu
External Affairs
Jordan Harris
Program Manager
Meghan Kim
Chief of Staff
Cici Cui
Matthew Liu
Program Manager
Bryce Jacobs
Technical Projects
Nathan Chan
Data Science